About Hindupur Municipality

Hindupur Municipality is Special Grade largest ULB in the Anantapur district of A.P it is spread over an area of 38.16 Sq.km with a population of  151835 (2011 census). The town is prosperous both commercially and industrially. The Hindupur Town is an important Pilgrim place of Sri Ranganath Swamy Temple and near by Lepakshi temple thousand of Pilgrims will be visiting for darsanam. The town is connected with railway facilities having railway station situated in banglore- dharmavaram junction under south central railway.
It is located 625 Kms from Capital city and 98 Kms from District Headquarters. It is established as  3rd Grade Municipality in the year 1920.
The Municipal Town divided in to 30 Revenue Wards and 38 Election Wards. Read More